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Hi Neighbors,

If you haven’t heard the buzz, CNA has been partnering with other groups throughout Grand Rapids to create quality housing for renters in single family rental units.

The Single Family Registration and Certification program will allow Grand Rapids to hire more inspectors to enforce the housing code for single family rental units while remaining budget neutral.  Landlords will be required to register and bring their properties up to code, just like multi-unit rental properties.

Many renters fear retaliation, like evictions and increased rent, from their landlords.  By allowing the city to enforce the registration ordinance and certify rental units, it will remove the burden of retaliation from our neighbors who rent.  We can also help level the playing field for our landlords who do a great job taking care of their properties.  Together, we can get rid of the bad landlords who refuse to invest in our community and keep Creston a great place to live!

How can you help?  Write a letter or email your commissioners! Your commissioners for the Second Ward are Rosalyn Bliss and Ruth Kelly.

Letters to the Mayor or City Commissioners:

The Honorable Mayor/Commissioner ___________________

City Hall

300 Monroe Avenue NW

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Dear Mayor/Commissioner ______________:

Via email:

Rosalynn Bliss:  rbliss@grcity.us

Ruth Kelly:  rkelly@grcity.us

Mayor George Heartwell: mayor@grcity.us

Or if you want more information about the recommended housing policy changes, please contact CNA!

For your reference:

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