About Us

About the Creston Neighborhood Association

The Creston Neighborhood Association serves the residents of Creston, the largest neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan! 

Since the Creston Neighborhood Association became incorporated in 1979, neighbors have continued to rally together to shape their home community by preserving what is good and changing what needs improvement.

Through CNA, Creston neighbors:

  • Helped to keep a Grand Rapids Public Library branch in the heart of Creston 
  • Rallied to bring a credit union to the neighborhood
  • Supported strong neighborhood schools by organizing parents and safe routes to school
  • Collaborated with partners to create Catherine’s Health Center
  • Organized business owners to revive Creston’s business district
  • Collaborated with artists & students on public art projects
  • Brought many entities together to build bioretention islands along Plainfield Ave-– the first of their kind in Grand Rapids!
  • Created an urban orchard at Aberdeen Park

What Do We Do?

We cultivate a neighborhood culture of care for our environment.


  • Native plant education and perennial exchange
  • Advocacy for green infrastructure
  • Partnerships between neighbors and City of Grand Rapids Parks & Recreation and Friends of Grand Rapids Parks

We connect neighbors.


  • Organize block parties
  • Communicate neighborhood news and events
  • Safety education
  • Community events

We organize residents to have a voice about land use and development.


  • We organize neighbor voices to affect projects in our community, ensuring that neighbors have a say in the future of our neighborhood.
  • We coordinate leadership development so that residents can learn about current issues and best practices in housing affordability, public transportation, sustainable land use, workforce development and more.
  • A committee of residents meets monthly to hear presentations about proposed developments and provide feedback based on neighborhood priorities.

We facilitate equitable civic engagement.


  • Organize opportunities for neighbors to learn about City initiatives
  • Provide leadership training
  • Help neighbors connect to opportunities for public service and volunteering

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