Burglaries on the Rise for October. DON’T BECOME A STATISTIC!

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The following is a press release sent out from the GRPD.  Please safeguard yourself from becoming a victim.

Residential and Business Burglaries Increase

The City of Grand Rapids is experiencing an alarming number of Residential Burglaries (Home Invasions) in recent weeks.  Since October 1st, there have been 201 reported Residential Burglaries throughout the city.  As you can see from the chart below, total burglaries (homes and businesses) are up considerably compared to previous years.

Grand Rapids Patrol Officers have been active in making arrests.  In a four day stretch from October 18-21st, Officers made 13 arrests for Home Invasion in six separate incidents.  Several of these arrests were made with the help of citizens who reported suspicious behavior and/or actually witnessed the crimes occurring while calling 911 immediately.

The Grand Rapids Police Department would like to remind people to please be vigilant about locking their doors and windows even during the day.  A large amount of Home Invasions are occurring as a result of subjects entering through unsecured windows.  Please call the police if you see anybody suspicious in your neighborhood.  It would be especially helpful if residents would call when they observe suspicious persons wandering into yards or areas around homes as well as suspicious vehicles parked or driving slowly that are not known to the neighborhood. Please remember to keep lights on at night as well.

If you have any questions about home security, you are asked to contact your Neighborhood Association or the Grand Rapids Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at 616-456-3363. Free Home Security Surveys are available.  These surveys will help point out where you can improve your home security.  Several Neighborhood Associations also have trained Home Security Specialists who can assist you.

We would like to remind people that as the Holiday Season approaches, people should be especially mindful of the opportunity for more items to be stolen from homes that are meant as gifts.

Comparison from Previous Years 2008-2010

July 1, 2010 –October 24, 2010      949 Residential Burglaries

July 1, 2009 –October 24, 2009      715 Residential Burglaries

July 1, 2008 –October 24, 2008      665 Residential Burglaries

Month of October in Comparison 2008-2010

October 1, 2010 – October 24, 2010     201 Residential Burglaries

October 1, 2009 – October 24, 2009     140 Residential Burglaries

October 1, 2008 – October 24, 2008     132 Residential Burglaries

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