Read About ABC’s 2012 Artists and their Techniques and Inspirations.

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Artists for 2012

 Erik Picardo

The work of Eric Picardo makes a statement about our mystic order of existence and how this relates to everyday life in our universe.  It is a world concerned with social content and self-respect.  Parallels to the existence of life are seen through a world of abstraction that blurs both worlds.  Using a combination of oil and acrylic the artist portrays figures seeming to move in and out of everyday existence with a contemporary flare for color, line and form.

Jacob Zars

“My work solely derives itself from the impression of the world around me and how I convey it to, you the viewer, is ever changing. I enjoy building up the surface of the canvas and contrasting it to a uniform hue underpainting.”


Abigail Bradley

The woman. The legend.


Terry Johnston

Terry Johnston is a practicing commercial and event photographer whose work has been featured across the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and Japan. In Grand Rapids, his work has been displayed in the Grand Rapids Art Museum and he has upcoming shows at the Richard App Gallery and Fountain Street Church. He comes from a design background, as he used to be a Senior Designer in a advertising firm. Terry is a Grand Rapids native who attended Kendall College of Art & Design, moving on during his senior year to work for Apple Computer in California. Terry prides himself in working local with clients such as The Downtown Alliance, the Amway Collective, TEDxGrandRapids, and Stellafly Social Media. Terry founded the Grand Rapids flickr group which boasts 1,500+ members and he organizes photowalks and activities. He also works closely with and donates 15% of his photography income to local non-profit organizations.


Elizabeth Mayville

Elizabeth Mayville earned her BFA in 2006 and has been painting and working in Grand Rapids, Michigan ever since.  All of her work has something to do with the idea of “home”. She’s fascinated by the small bits of our world that stabilize us and that can so quickly disappear. Whether it be a still life of very personal items or a local landscape, each painting has a quality that makes the artist feel both comforted and anxious.


Georgia Taylor

When renowned artist and painter Jeffery Smart stated, “Its not a matter of painting life, it’s a matter of giving life to painting” he very well could have had Georgia Taylor in mind.

Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan to a family of artists, (she credits her mother and grandmother as being her two main inspirations) Taylor spent much of her youth involved in art programs and summer camps such as the Kalamazoo Institute of Art to hone her God given gifts. Always knowing that she was going to be an artist, she worked tirelessly to create a style that to this day she describes as “undefined”.

After moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1999, Taylor attended the renowned Kendall College of Art and Design where she earned her BFA. It was here that she made a name for herself with her life-like sketches, soulful paintings and uncanny ability to capture the essence of a moment in a photo. This ability too captured the attention of world renowned artist Paul Collins, with whom she interned for, for over a year.

Soon after Taylor held her first exhibition entitled Salon 477. (Salon: named for art exhibitions in the 18th and 19th century, 477: named for the date of the show which is also her born date) Salon is a “gumbo” of spoken word poetry, mingling and art, showcasing artists from the West Michigan area and beyond. Stating, “Instead of waiting for an opportunity in Grand Rapids, I went out to make opportunity.” Being provided many opportunities to explore her creativity, Taylor became a firm believer in the power of encouragement and has developed Salon into an artist mentoring program that assists in the development of young artists. Salon has become infectious within the art community in West Michigan. Sister exhibits are sprouting from Salon and a renaissance of artists of color proudly displaying their work has been derived from her efforts.


Amy Hofacker

I am a watercolorist specializing in the subject of animals.  My work is definitely my escape and that is why it is fun and colorful. I really want my work to be your mini vacation from reality. I hope it brings you joy and makes you laugh. That’s what I’m going for and that is what I get out of it. I do enjoy my own work. Unlike some artists, I will hang it up in my house and surround myself with it because it is absent of all anxiety and continues to bring me joy.

I graduated in 2009 from Grand Valley State University with a BFA in Art & Design, an emphasis in illustration, and a minor in business.  I also studied photography and art history at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy and film & video at Ox-Bow Summer School of Art in Saugatuck, MI.

Although my primary concentration is watercolor, I also work with textiles. I create work with the concept of recycling in its creation. I combine these elements with my watercolor to create stop motion animation. The more traditional mediums like painting and sewing helps me visually create narratives in video format.


Marco Riolo

Marco Riolo a true renaissance man pursuing art along side his other passions as an athlete, creative engineer, and an independent distributor for the direct selling company, Reliv. From rugby to yoga, he enjoys taking on new hobbies and sports. However, his greatest passion in life has been helping people achieve personal success from the inside out through determination, optimal nutrition, and physical fitness. Marco says, “People can accomplish anything as long as they’re doing what they love and find inspiration in the world around them.”









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