New Playground needs Neighbor Support.

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I do it myself, and I am sure there are others that can relate.  There is a cause that gets mainstream media attention, we find ourselves talking about our passion for it, our yearning to be a part of the solution, and then before any action is committed we forget about it.  Life tends to move so fast that sometimes we stop short of supporting through action, the principles, causes, and ideas that form our opinion of good community and human spirit.  With that said, don’t find yourself a few months from now wondering why that new playground you heard that they were building in Briggs Park is not there.  After all you knew that CNA was trying to raise money for it, and you meant to write that check and send it in, but things came up.  It came to your attention via flyer that they were looking for volunteers, and you meant to take the day off, but now its two days before the build and your boss says “no can do” next time, take it off earlier if it is important to you!  So its time to put your thoughts and opinions of what makes good community into your hands and feet.  Write a check.  Take the day off and volunteer.

The following is our fundraising letter to area neighbors:

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