Let’s Not Make It Easy – Lock Your Doors!

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Hello Neighbors,

I was looking over some reports from last week regarding 5 separate car larcenies that happened on consecutive nights near the 2000 blks of Swensberg, Propect, Cheshire area.  All cars were unlocked!  There are over 10,000 households in the Creston neighborhood, over 20,000 residents!  I know of no one that can vouch for the morals of everyone that walks down their street, therefore, it is up to our neighbors to not take for granted the simple security features that keep us and our property safe.  Please lock your car doors, and lock your garage side doors.

Lastly,  when you see suspicious people/activity call non-emergency at 456-3400.   Most neighbors know the dynamic of their neighborhood, and can tell when something is out-of-place.  If that is you, do not hesitate to call.  GRPD will thank you for it.

This message has been brought to you by your very own Community Safety Organizer.  If you have any further questions please give me a call at 616-454-7900 or email me at mbrown@crestongr.com


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