CNA Candidate Profiles

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This year – Running for four 3 year positions on our dedicated CNA volunteer board of directors are in alpha order:

Nick Dobkowski is new to the GR area, and has a background in Parks and Recreation and currently teaches yoga.

Jess Eglinton has lived in the Creston neighborhood for over five years, works at Catherine’s Health Center, and is part of the North End Wellness Coalition. She’s excited to continue promoting healthy lifestyle choices and fostering community with her neighbors, hopefully as a new CNA Board Member!

Amy Kroon, current CNA Board Treasurer, running for a second 3 yr. term. She’s lived in the Creston neighborhood for 30 years with some time working and living out of state, is a CPA, and wants to focus on connecting all neighbors, expanding awareness of CNA and what we do for our neighbors.

Karen Van Dyke, CNA Board Secretary, running for a second term. Karen grew up in the neighborhood, graduated from the highly rated Creston High GRAPCEP, currently works as a social worker in the Grand Rapids Public Schools and has a passion for diversity and inclusion and social justice.

At their Sept. 22 meeting the CNA board appointed the following people to vacancies:

Heather Grit (2018) has been a long serving and committed CNA volunteer in many capacities, Housing quality, Public Safety and Event planning. She is passionate about the neighborhood and driven to change things for the better and is a small home based floral business owner.

Chantele Longcore (2017) returns as a 1 year appointment after serving a year. She lives near Riverside Park, served on the Car Show committee in 2015-16, and helped organize the GR Food Coop Initiative. She currently works in finance and event planning.

Aaron Rivera (2018) and his family have lived in the Creston neighborhood for 5 years.  As a new board member, he is excited to help continue the success of the CNA through good governance, promotion of current resources, the development of new resources and strategic partnerships with local businesses.

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