About Us

The mission of the Creston Neighborhood Association is to organize neighborhood residents and resources to promote the social, economic and environmental health of the Creston community. Our vision is a beautiful and diverse community where neighbors feel safe and proud, and businesses, housing, schools, and parks thrive. Since 1979 the Creston Neighborhood Association (CNA) has worked to improve the lives of north end Grand Rapids’ neighbors. We continue to connect neighbors with leadership opportunities and the community resources needed to make our vision a reality.Art Battle

We cultivate neighborhood connections by:

  • Coalition building
    CNA’s thirty years of organizing experience in listening, learning from and engaging Creston neighbors and partners shows! This year we have created and distributed a Creston Neighborhood Resource Directory through neighborhood townhalls, installed three new artistic murals on Plainfield Avenue and built a new playground at Sweet Street and College Avenue NE. CNA’s ongoing success in its mission of effective advocacy is visible; in health care, school reform, reinvestment in our business districts, affordable housing for seniors, preservation of greenspace and neighborhood quality of life improvements.
  • Community Events and Programs
    Hello Neighbor events included pancake breakfasts, spring perennial exchanges, ART BATTLE and National Night Out.
  • Engaging Volunteers
    People willing to share their time and talents contribute greatly to the strength of our community. Creston neighbors, neighborhood churches, business owners, and area high schools and college students donate time on a regular basis to neighborhood improvement projects and events.
  • Training neighbors as leaders
    Block clubs play a critical role in addressing safety concerns, housing code issues, energy efficiency, and vacant housing. CNA believes neighbors knowing neighbors creates a safe and friendly place to live and work.

Staff Members

Megan Kruis, Executive Director
Kymie Spring, Community Organizer
Sue Capps, Carrier Crest Property Manager, CNA Executive Assistant