Housing Quality

243 page01During the last 10 years the Creston neighborhood has experienced many of the changing tides of our city and country. Today, competition for housing has resulted in historic low rental vacancies making the push for affordable quality options for all GR residents a concern CNA has worked on since the foreclosure crisis.  CNA pushed to keep Housing quality and affordability a focus of the 2016 Neighborhood Summit with the City of GR. Wages have not kept up with housing cost increases and many residents are paying up to 50% of their wages for their housing.

Brief History:

In 2009-12 our Quality Housing Advocacy program Neighbor to Neighbor program involved foreclosure education and advocacy and led to our collaborative efforts with 50 other advocacy groups citywide to create the Single Family Rental ordinance which ensures safety and quality inspections are being done of each of the existing and future homes in the rental market, protecting families and neighborhood from the health and financial impacts of poor quality housing. This same collaborative effort done under the auspices of the Kent County Renter’s Alliance resulted in the creation of free renter’s legal clinics at the Urban League and Steepletown Neighborhood Services. We have been partnering with GRFD since 2013 to promote free fire inspections and the installation of free smoke detectors. Call 311 to schedule.

Neighborhood Housing Quality – Help is available:

In 2016 The City of GR expanded its Housing Rehabilitation Program to include all qualified low and moderate income residents in the City of GR. For details on repairs that may be eligible call 456-3030 or email communitydev@grcity.us. Roofing, furnaces, electrical, plumbing and peeling paint are a few of the eligible repairs.    If you are aware of a senior neighbor experiencing challenges with outdoor upkeep, call CNA at 454-7900 to participate in our Senior Millage funded partnership with Steepletown Neighborhood Services for a referral for lawn care or snow removal.

The Creston Neighborhood Association is also working with the City of Grand Rapids to keep our neighborhoods clean and safe. We participate with the Community Based Code Compliance Program. If there is a property near you with an unkempt lawn, peeling paint, trash in the yard, or any other unsightly nuisances, you can call Housing Complaints at (616) 456-3053

More programs brought to you by the Creston Neighborhood Association that can help you improve your living situation and save money:

  • Interested in becoming a new homebuyer but don’t know how ? Contact our neighborhood based New Development Corporation for education and information.
  • For information on affordable housing contact the Inner City Christian Federation for education and information.
  • Do you live in an old home? Did you know that using lead-based paint was a common practice up until the 1970s? Lead is especially dangerous for young children and can inhibit their ability to excel in school. Contact the Healthy Homes Coalition for more information. Healthy Homes Coalition also has Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors available at no cost.
  • Are you a renter with a sub-standard home? Your landlord is legally obligated to follow all of the housing ordinances and get the home inspected every 2-3 years. You can call Housing Complaints at 456-3053 and they will send an inspector to look at your home. Your landlord will be legally responsible to fix these problems. A landlord cannot legally retaliate against a renter for reporting substandard housing, it is a renter’s right as well as the landlord’s responsibility to provide safe and quality housing.
  • Deborah Eid is certified in crime free multi-housing.  So if you would like a survey done, please call the CNA office at 454-7900.